Hoe kunnen beheerovereenkomsten verbeterd worden?





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This report has been compiled by the PARTRIDGE project; an Interreg North Sea Region project running from mid-2016 to mid-2023, with 12 European partners in six participating countries (Belgium-Flanders, Denmark, England, the Netherlands, Germany-Lower Saxony, and Scotland). For more information about the project please visit northsearegion.eu/partridge.

PARTRIDGE seeks to provide practical solutions for the countries within the North Sea Region to help them achieve their 2030 Biodiversity Targets on arable farmland, set by the European Union, after their failure to meet the Biodiversity Targets for 2020. A key element of this is the need to improve the existing national Agri-Environment (AE) scheme systems and widen their uptake by farmers throughout the North Sea area.

This large-scale online survey explored the attitudes and experiences of farmers who have access to AE schemes and was available in the six participating project countries from March 2021 to May 2021. It was specifically designed to provide policymakers with key information to increase farmers’ willingness to engage with AE schemes, single-out the current factors that are barriers to AE scheme participation and discover what might encourage farmers to do so in the future.

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